This system is so simple to assemble that it can be sent to site in knock down format and assembled (manufactured) on site.

Because there is no welding involved the product can be put together pre powdered coated or with other finishes like Eurowood.(timber look)

The assembly instructions and photos below show it being used for a heavy duty fence in fill application. The product is also easily used for an array of residential and commercial sun screening and gate systems.

STEP 1 Using counter sunk screws attach both U SECTIONS opposite each other to the mounting surface ensuring both U channels are the same height after screwing off.


STEP 2 Using a soft none scratch surface place one machined frame horizontal so the machined holes are facing skyward.


STEP 3 Using a rubber mallet gently hammer (THEY PUSH IN ON THERE OWN) the blades into the machined cavity until the are fully into position. Repeat this until all blades are in position.


STEP 4 Making sure all blades are as vertical as possible place the other machined cavity on one end at an angle of approx 30 degree an walk it onto the blades this will take time you will require the rubber mallet to help push the machined frame over the blades.


STEP 5 Once both sides are attached to the blades check for squareness. This can be adjusted by using the mallet to manipulate the frame into position.

STEP 6 Place end caps in each corner of machined frame and place into position, they assembled screen will slide down between U Channels ready to be screwed into position.